Are you ready to live more intentionally, stop the negativity, and truly love your life? I can help you  navigate uncertainties, find clarity and build your confidence.


About Me

My Mission

To create actionable change in a Safe, supported, non-judgemental environment

My passion is in enabling my clients to create their healthiest, happiest, and most connected selves. My mission is to be the support that so many people in my life couldn’t find, and that support to be actionable, accessible, sustainable and life changing. I aim to make you your own life coach.

My Why

I trained to be the help I couldn’t find

I couldn’t find therapists or help that I could relate to. Looking at their profiles online I would feel like they didn’t get me, they would judge, they wouldn't understand. I didn’t want to keep going over the past either. I wanted to move forward. There was a lack of relatable help and guidance available, so I trained to be the help that I couldn’t find, and that so many of my friends and family and colleagues couldn’t find. 
I hold a safe, supported, non-judgemental environment that enables my clients to make life changing actionable change.  I truly believe that every person should have a coach, just like we have dentists and doctors; we should all have a coach.

“We have the power to change our negative beliefs, rewrite our story and reprogram our mind so we create the reality we love”

My Story

The mindset and perspective change was just the start

I remember my first session with my own coach where I genuinely said, because of dealing with bad mental health since I was very little (my first panic attack and depression episodes were in primary school) and I quote “I am the person who cannot be helped”. 

She said, what percentage of you believes that. I said 85%. She said, well Ellie , I don’t care about that 85%, I care about the 15% of you that believes you can.

I cried inconsolably every day before work and to get myself out of the house was such a mental challenge, and this was all before 9AM.

Doing this every day meant that it really took its toll on my mind, my body, and actually my soul too. It would then get to a point I would mentally burn out, couldn’t continue, and would crash and my body would shut off. This would lead to days, weeks, months of depressive state. I would feel so lost, so broken.


I was lost, exhausted and struggling

I was so frustrated with myself and it was extreme, but I got to the point where I was so anxious that I would get in the shower, and my mind was in such a frozen state that I would forget to wash my hair. 

This was a pattern for me, a cycle that I couldn’t stop, even if I did recognise it a little bit, it was usually too late to stop. Avoiding it and carrying on was fine for a while, but it didn’t solve it. 

Are you ready to live more intentionally, rewire those pesky negative thoughts, and truly love your life?

I am attracting more and more light and opportunity. I am free, I work with my own energy and creativity. I am excited pretty much every day (we all have some days where we feel a bit icky) but I wake up every morning and know, whatever ups and downs, I have control. I have tools, techniques, and I know my mind and body is safe to be able to sustain good mental health.

I know life won’t always be perfect, but I know now that whatever happens, I have the tools, support and strength to get through it. 

you can have this too


I now am the CEO of my own flourishing business helping my beautiful clients

I’m actually happy that other therapies haven’t been quite right for me as that has meant I have found you.

Thank you so, so much! I am literally in awe of you!! I felt instantly comfortable chatting things through with you – you are such a natural empathy!

I literally started off the session with a lower vibration, negative words and throughout it evolved into more confident, energetic and dynamic and empowering words for expression. In one session, this achievement was amazing.

The natural trust was there instantly. This kind of inspiration was exactly what I need.

My Favourite Things


to read

Circe by Madeline Miller. To be honest, I love a good book and a classic too. 
My Undergraduate degree was in Classical Civilisations so I love anything ancient history/mythology-esque. 

Signs by Laura Lynn Jackson & Journey of Souls by Michael Newton PhD



“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”


Kauai’i in Hawaii! I do love London too, so many opportunities here

to drink

I drink a lot of water and matcha tea. Alcohol wise a glass of Prosecco or a Howling Hops Beer. If you know, you know!

comfort food

A crumpet with loads of butter

to listen to

Ariana Grande - Just Like Magic *


Rose Quartz as it purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote universal love, self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. It is also humble, soft and feminine.

 My moon sign is Capricorn and this is a great crystal for this.

Leeds United (I’m originally from Yorkshire)

to cheer for

To Watch

The Queens Gambit was amazing, so was Bridgerton, The Great Big Flower Fight recently, and New Girl as it will always make me laugh. Say Yes to the Dress is always a go to.

way to relax

A little Yin Yoga &
LoFi Beats & some soothing rebirthing breath-work

Think we’d be a great match?

I would be honoured to be your coach. Check out the ways for working together.

It’s been a bit of a mountain to climb, a journey of a lot of plot twists, and we are all constantly changing and evolving, but I feel it is important to give you some context. So here goes!

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