An introduction to the Feminine Archetypes

What are feminine archetypes?

What do they mean for me?

Changing and evolving and growing…

There’s been a big shift for me recently… and I wanted to share a little about what has happened for me with you

here goes…

I guess I began to feel a bit disconnected from the language I was using surrounding my coaching. Focussing on mental health and anxiety is still my main focus however the way in which I address this has shifted.

Instead of anxiety and depression I now see these as different manifestations of how we can be stuck, in misalignment and they are DENSITY which has formed. This can be through trauma, or, it can be situational i.e. not living the life are born to lead.

For me, my anxiety and depression were in part, based on childhood traumas. But, they were also manifesting as a way the universe was communicating that something wasn’t quite right, and I needed to notice it, to rest, take time out, listen to my intuition and decide what I wanted.

I’ll give you an example. In my previous jobs, I went from marketing agency, to media agency and nothing felt right. I tried so hard and I was good at my job, but I just found myself getting down as I was like “is this really it???… like, forever? until I retire????” and then going down a spiral of sadness and just zoning out and trying to not feel to avoid being disappointed by life.

So what did the universe do? SHAKE ME UP!

QUE CRIPPLING anxiety so much I couldn’t make it to work, and eventually decided to quit completely.

I was then forced to reassess, to heal, to seek support. To rediscover myself and what really sparked joy in me again.

Anddd it took a while, but look I did it (and if you’re reading this, feeling something similar, it doesn’t have to be this way)

SO on to more recently…

I felt a bit MEH and misaligned again (this has happened a few times! and it’s all part of our evolving and ascension). I said I was going to take some time out, and then BOOM I got the C. So I was forced even more to rest and recalibrate and purge old beliefs.

I then had a call with a friend who is a psychic medium, who told me – “ELLIE YOU ARE PSYCHIC AS FUCK, YOU ARE SO MAGICAL, YOU NEED TO ACCEPT IT AND INVITE IT IN” – this was the message I needed to hear!

Since then, i’ve been tuning into my energy healing gifts, my intuition, accepting the messages i’ve been receiving from souls that have passed, listening and being open to my spirit guides – and I feel EXCITED AS F**K right now!

It’s like i’ve unlocked something so healing, so amazing, that has been brewing and growing all these years, waiting to bloom and flourish…

I have also been channeling messages via paintings which is so frickin amazing for me to share!

So moving forward, I am going to share more of the details of my gifts (including communicating with my auntie that passed when I was 8)!, and explain and show you how I can help you clear density, align and bring in the light.

But first I want to invite you to join my first ENCHANTED Energy Healing Circle which is THIS SUNDAY at 10 AM BST.

This will be held on instagram & via zoom for the first session, and I welcome you to open your mind and heart to this.

Feminine Archetypes

She’s you. She’s me. She’s a pattern of energy. She’s feminine behaviour, a model of womanhood. And she’s associated with the stages of your life, the phases of your menstrual cycle, the seasons of the year, the moon.

“Female archetypes teach us how to tune into our lives and what we need to pay more attention to.”

Okay cool but what do they mean for me?

As cyclical beings, feminine beings are in a constant state of flux, moving from one phase to the next. Ever growing and evolving. We’re not the same today as we were yesterday, and tomorrow we’ll be different still, but by becoming familiar with the archetypes (today I am just going to chat about the maiden and the mother as these are the most potent for me & my clients), you’ll be able to observe how her energy and behaviour manifests itself for you.

The Maiden

  • She’s the energy type that we see just after we have finished our bleed. She represents rebirth and is associated with the spring phase of our menstrual cycle and the Springtime of the year.
  • Self-contained, shy, pure, independent, strong-willed the Maiden appears when women follow their own desires and ideas for themselves. She’s full of enthusiasm.
  • She’s intelligent and practical, authentic and supremely self-confident, juggling work and life effortlessly – she has the energy for it aaaalllll.

For a lot of my clients and over the past few years for myself, i’m seeing and feeling and experiencing a shift now… to the next archetype … the Mother…

The Mother

I want to caveat this by saying, you do not need to have children or even want children to feel the mother archetype.

  • This feeling is the most strongly during the ovulatory phase of our monthly cycles; the high energy summer phase.
  • As well as giving birth and nurturing (children, projects, ideas), the Mother archetype cultivates and brews a great inner strength, wisdom, ingenuity and a strong connection to Mother Earth and the natural cycles of nature.
  • The mother energy is nurturing rather than controlling and you may feel more peaceful, content, less ‘chasing’ and it enables us to bloom. To accept our gifts, flaws, talents and to let them flourish without judgement.

If you are feeling stuck or are in a changing of ‘seasons’ – it may be a breakup, a change in location, housing situation, job or you may be calling in a child yourself… I have THE MOST POTENT AND BEAUTIFUL MASTERCLASS FOR YOU…

I can’t wait for you to experience it…

all my love

Ellie x