Self-Soothing, Self-love & Safety Message

I spoke on instagram this morning about how I was feeling upset and angry about current events in London. One being the Megan Markle interview (in that she was not in a good mental state, and was suicidal, so I think she did what was right for herself and her family) – I’m not going to go into that but I have been extremely shaken by the disappearance of Sarah Everard. So I feel called to share this to guide you how you can self-soothe, show yourself some self-love, and make yourself feel a little safer tonight…

As a 28 year old, 5 ft 2 blonde woman, who lived in that area for 3 years – walking that route, going to that particular Sainsbury’s late at night after I finished work late on countless occasions… I feel like it so easily could have been me, or one of my friends.

I have spent the day in contemplation mode to be honest, and I have felt uncomfortable and upset, and drained. I made the decision to go inwards today, and to ask myself what I needed. The answer was, some time out, some rest, and to take the pressure off myself. 

This afternoon, and following the news, I have actively been looking for ways I can self soothe, show myself some love, and make myself feel safer and more comfortable and calm today.

Think about both your inner (body and mind) and your outer environment (your surroundings). It’s really hard, as I have lived in London for nearly 6 years, and I see myself as a strong, independent woman, but sometimes, and I have learnt this, it is beneficial to get help, and to invest in things and actions that make you feel more safe.

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Try some Self Soothing techniques
  • Affirmations – “I am safe, I am here, I am supported and protected, I am calming down”
  • Meditation – White light protective meditations are great! (maybe I should write and record one?) – DM me if you’d like this!
  • Journal prompt  – how can I make myself feel safe, right now? What do I find comforting?

Create a serene environment for yourself, in the best you can, candles or warm light, can you take a soothing warm shower or bath?

Soothing sounds, don’t watch things that may trigger you. Watch some non- triggering fun shows and listen to some soothing audios.

Some recommendations are: 

  • New girl (Netflix)
  • Superstore (Netflix)
  • Bedtime stories (Cbeebies) if you are struggling to sleep – I am not ashamed to say that I LOVE them.
  • Calm app – I love the sleep stories on this app – particular favourites are: 

Inspired actions

Okay, so what else can you control?

  • Buy a safety alarm – I just bought a few Empowered by Ashley alarms for myself and friends
  • Don’t flash jewellery and phones and purses
  • Always tell someone where you are
  • I personally feel safer wearing crystals – I wear Rose Quartz for healing and I am looking into getting myself some Obsidian as it is an intensely protective stone, obsidian is also said to help form a shield against physical and emotional negativity.
  • If you get a taxi – share your arrival time with someone – I know on uber/bolt you can share your route via whatsapp, this is something I have always done and it makes you feel better to know that someone knows where you are
  • If you feel you’re being followed, try to get help from close by – go into a shop
  • Research and learn some self-defence techniques (I am going to be working on building up my arm strength so i’ll update you on this!) My mum also sent me this link to ‘Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Master
  • Move the frustration, upset, anger out of your body – do some yoga, have a cry, shake it off you, speak your mind. 
  • I’d also say, if you need some support, reach out for it. Talk about how you feel. I am taking on 1:1 clients if that is something you feel called to explore and be supported with. 

Inquiry Message

As I said on an Instagram Live this morning; I am an energy intuitive. I pulled a card this morning, asking what I needed to hear/know today. I pulled the ‘Star Mother’.  I didn’t really understand the meaning of it first thing this morning. To be honest, I had minor surgery on Friday and I thought this was related to that! However, throughout the day, and through my own energy levels and experience today, it has become apparent that it was not only what I needed to hear, but it’s what I need to share with the world today….

The cards are ‘Work your Light’ oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell.

Star Mother – How can you Mother yourself?

You are more held than you can possibly imagine. Loved and cherished so dearly that, if you knew, you would not spend one second of your life in separation, worry or fear.

Let the Mother carry your burdens; let her Her rock away your fears. Lay all of your worries, regrets, shame and guilt on Her altar. Please, please sweet child, do not fear. You are love in motion. If you allow it, you are already healed. Let Her remind you of your goodness. Let Her love away your fears.

Your capacity to love and hold others is limited to your capacity to love and hold yourself. Be compassionate with your sweet body, mind, and soul. Treat yourself like the beautiful spirit that you truly are. Remind yourself that you are doing your best and try not to carry it on your own.

You have got this and the Mother has got you. Let Her broad arms take away your burdens; let Her lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. Forgive yourself, my dear sweet child of the Earth.

How can you Mother yourself?”

Star mother - how can you mother yourself

I use these cards as a portal to my own inner guidance, and I definitely think this was a message that I needed to share today. 

I invite you to ask yourself, how can you show yourself some love and self-compassion today?

I know that so many of you are away from loved ones at the moment, due to Covid and many other things but I wanted you to know that you are safe

I asked my mum what advice she would give;

“Ask someone to meet you and accompany you home if it’s late. Get a taxi, uber, and know that your mum will pay, rather than take a chance”

To caveat this, I don’t believe it is a womxn’s job to do all these things, it’s a collective responsibility and shows that men need to take responsibility and call out other men, and stand up for what is right. However, if you are feeling anxious or upset, these are some things that will help. Also, in the case of Sarah, she did nothing wrong, and from what i’ve read, sounds like an incredible womxn.

Sending love and healing to Sarah, her family, friends and anyone else affected by the news.

Ellie x

A little soothing video of mine