I am a down to earth coach for students and young people.
I will help you feel yourself again and to support you to safe and supported and realise your value.

Therapeutic Coach
for Students & Young People

Calm Clarity & Confidence with Ellie Firth

I can help with:

Stress & Anxiety


Living Independently


School & Academic Issues

Relationship Issues

Negative Thought Patterns 


Bereavement & Loss

Anger Problems

Body Image & Identity Struggles

Issues Around Boundaries

Further Education & Career Choices

Divorced Parents

Navigating Change

Harnessing Creativity

Expressing Yourself

Dealing With Overwhelm & Uncertainty

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FREE Sleep

You avoid certain situations because they make you feel anxious or stressed

You just don't feel like YOU anymore, and you're not sure why. You just feel like you've lost your mojo a bit

You’re constantly worrying about one thing or another, and you can't envision a life without this feeling of overwhelm about your future

Tell me if this sounds like you ...

After working with me you will:

Go to bed at night feeling calm and content, not thinking over all the trials of the day but taking it all in your stride

Have a crystal clear vision of how you want your life to be and be taking action steps to get there

Be noticeably more confident and calm in your every day life, and your family and friends will comment on how you seem to have a glow about you.

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I'm Ellie

I help my clients transform their anxieties, rid their blockages in order create positive & sustainable change in their lives. I have extensive background in empowering adults and teens who are lost and unfulfilled to feel themselves again and get their glow back.

accredited Transformational Life & Mindset Coach

Working with Ellie was honestly like a breath of fresh air in my life, our sessions transformed the reality I was creating and now my life feels so much easier to handle.


Thoughtful, approachable and kind – just what you look for in a coach! 


Highly recommend Ellie. I was on the brink of a confidence crisis and was struggling to do all things/deal with life when we found each other.

Now, I'm more stable and am challenging my fears and beliefs with a stronger vision for my future. 

When I’ve gone to a counsellor or a therapist in the past, they are older than me and they are kind of disconnected from what I do and they don’t understand the pressure I am under or the 'work world' ...

... and I felt like with you, you instantly knew what my job would entail and the kind of pressures
 that I have.

It felt like a really warm, safe space- with your energy and your professionalism but also kindness.
 It's a really happy medium. 

After just one session, I had a feeling of release and I was more proactive afterwards and I was more productive because I felt like I had released a lot.

The best way to describe it is if you have a gas canister and it's built up loads and loads and about to burst, and in the session, I felt like I was able to unscrew it and I felt much more calm and things weren’t going to get on top of me.