I have a feeling you have been guided here because you have that light inside you telling you there is a brighter way of living. 

It is about time you got clear on your goals, aligned your mind with your vision of success and improved your mental and emotional wellbeing. You deserve this! 

Kick-start your success mindset 

Let's transform your life

I will guide you to re-awaken your heart and mind, and learn to fully love and value yourself. 

See, I went from a stressed, train wreck (yes, I can now say this with love for myself) to living my empowered life with confidence and content.

It doesn’t have to be this way

You fear the unknown, fear change, worry about doing something wrong, worry you don’t know what to do at all. 

I'm Ellie

I help my clients transform their anxieties, rid their blockages in order to manifest and facilitate positive sustainable change in their lives. I have extensive background in empowering creative womxn who are lost and unfulfilled in the corporate world to transform their life and to get their glow back.

accredited Transformational Life & Mindset Coach

Signature Programme

All programmes are tailored, however, based around three core principles




Work with me 1:1 to transform your life and achieve

You are the driving force of your life

You have power

What if you could just enjoy the journey, feeling held and supported? How would your future look?

Over the past 3 years I have developed a coaching style, which combines various techniques with intuitive guidance and compassion, creating magnetism for a brighter life for my clients.

How would you feel if the next few months were the most rewarding and transforming time?
If your family and friends notice you changing and being more yourself, commenting on your lightness and calm? 

What if you found peace, and in that peace you found productivity and clarity?

Free Meditation & workbook

Let go and grow 

The Cord-Cutting Meditation will release that fear, that person, that situation which is dragging you down and allow yourself to float to the surface with ease and get that closure you need.

We all have energetic cords tying us to people, negative situations, draining thoughts.

When you have any kind of relationship with someone, your energy becomes connected, especially when a strong emotional event occurs between you. 

Now is a powerful time to release what’s no longer serving you from, in order to step into your light, higher-self. 

Through meditation we slow down our mind and reorganise our energy to clear space for our inner guidance. 

Using this meditation will help you energetically clear your judgmental attachments and heal. 

It is powerful and cleansing.

Working with Ellie was honestly like a breath of fresh air in my life, our sessions transformed the reality I was creating and now my life feels so much easier to handle.


Thoughtful, approachable and kind – just what you look for in a coach! 


Highly recommend Ellie. I was on the brink of a confidence crisis and was struggling to do all things/deal with life when we found each other.

Now, I'm more stable and am challenging my fears and beliefs with a stronger vision for my future. 

When I’ve gone to a counsellor or a therapist in the past, they are older than me and they are kind of disconnected from what I do and they don’t understand the pressure I am under or the 'work world' ...

... and I felt like with you, you instantly knew what my job would entail and the kind of pressures
 that I have.

It felt like a really warm, safe space- with your energy and your professionalism but also kindness.
 It's a really happy medium. 

After just one session, I had a feeling of release and I was more proactive afterwards and I was more productive because I felt like I had released a lot.

The best way to describe it is if you have a gas canister and it's built up loads and loads and about to burst, and in the session, I felt like I was able to unscrew it and I felt much more calm and things weren’t going to get on top of me. 

“Become who you really are, so you can be a magnet for what you really want.”